Your place. Your moment.


We are passionate people with a zest for life and a love for customers. We pride ourselves in excellent service, quality products and truly aim to 'make your day'


The world doesn't need another coffee shop, right? They're on the corner of every street and every one and their donkey seems be launching one. A nice conversation starter at parties, a great title on Linked In, a source for some decent Instagram content (picture a slow pouring shot of espresso) or a quick way to some decent profit. Whilst that may be the desire for many, our intentions are genuinely different.

DC Coffee Co originated in early 2017, on a rustic-style farm in Riversands Johannesburg; home to an array of outdoor activities, food and craft vendors as well as the venue to some of the city's largest events. The farm was a little place we liked to call home; a place where you could put your feet up in a hammock, chill on a hay bale or take a refreshing walk through the forest. Nothing fancy schmancy, just a bunch of ordinary people, in a simple garage, doing what we loved. A year later, we got vision and launched a second store focussed on delivering simplicity to a complicated area, Fourways.

Step into DC Coffee Co Fourways for a colourful visual experience, from up-cycled furniture to bright origami birds and pops of colour, to create a vibrant uplifting space that can be altered according to your needs. Our space can be morphed to accommodate up to 60 guests and has a beautiful deck overlooking the new Fourways development; perfect for a sunset timed event. Or come enjoy a comfortable space during the week to work which includes unlimited free fast Wi-Fi, excellent coffee, limited treats and solar charging boxes to keep you connected.

There is a purpose behind every piece of furniture, every item of decor and that is to create a place most fitting to you.

We invite you to come see for yourself!

Your Place. Your Moment.


THE best coffee in JOZI, of course ;)

Let's call a spade a spade. Our coffee is seriously good and we're not just blowing our own horn. Our single origin bean comes from a sustainable farm in mountainous Rwanda; a country known for their coffee, temperate to sub tropical climate and raw lifestyle. It expresses our passion, authenticity and energy. 

A Limited range of yummy food

We limit the offering to offer you only the best, fresh and most tantalising treats daily. Some of our most popular products include custard filled doughnuts, peanut butter and chocolate cruffins, cakes and traditional jaffles.

Comfy seating, I mean comfy!

From a couch, to a hammock, to barstools, hay bales or plain old tables. Find what works for you, park off and enjoy. Oh and we wont keep bothering you to order :)

High speed WIFI & power (yay)

The only thing better than fast wifi is, well, free fast wifi and our coffee of course. Yes, we offer all three coupled with portable solar charging boxes to keep you connected.


There's nothing worse than needing the toilet after your 5th coffee or wanting a scenic stroll in the forest at Riversands Farm Village and no safe place to leave your laptop. You could take the risk asking the weirdo in the corner to spot your table but lockers are definitely a safer bet. We've got you covered.


dog friendly

Dogs are mans best friend and some of our most important DC Riversands customers. Not only do we provide shade and fresh water, we take it a step further with our speciality doggie menu :) From Latte's to Chinos, with a dash of biltong or biscuits. Mmmm....Wooof

bicycle friendly

Whether DC Riversands is your start point, end point or turn-around stop, we know the importance of a decent place to park that R100k bike, a comfortable place to recharge and some much needed caffeine to keep you going.


ENVIRO friendly

Together we can all reduce our impact on the planet and at DC we try our best to make this a reality. From 100% biodegradable cups, to compostable lids and sleeves, we do all we can to be good residents on our beautiful earth. Our used coffee grinds, old cups and lids go towards creating compost - to grow coffee beans from!



When life hands Neil lemons, he not only makes lemonade but also sells it for profit :) Being a natural entrepreneur, strategist and disruptive thinker Neil sees opportunities when other don’t. The differentiating factor within DC is due to Neil’s passion to love and serve people from all walks of life.



The unique drink that this bundle of sunshine is holding is our famous DC Coffee & Condensed Milk. It is sweet yet strong, full bodied and creamy. She has the ability to light fires in people’s hearts and once shining bright, she is always inspired to ensure it never fades.



Olivia’s spiciness, fun and humour is a magnet to those around her just like our decadent Chilli Hot Chocolate. She is an amazing human being, seeks after adventure and is hands down the big boss of DC :)


“If the day was a sentence, tea would be the punctuation.”  DC is not the same without Renee’s sweetness, love and humility. Just like a good Red Cappuccino she warms the heart of those around her.


It takes a special skill to do latte art as confidently as our artist Keith does. He takes DC to a whole new level through his latte art and goes above and beyond in making lasting impressions. It takes practice, patience and endurance to not only perfect a beautiful looking cappuccino but also a delicious, textured and full flavoured one.



Coffee in a Cone is the perfect excuse to combine zest for life, fun and … chocolate. Lawrie represents DC’s life giving ability, its drive for hospitality and giving our wonderful customer’s that ‘moment’. As Lawrie always says “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”



If you can add chocolate to it – then why not!? Chocolate is adored not only for its flavor but also for its texture. It is a simple pleasure in life and classified as it’s own food group according to Lorette :) She goes at everything with her full strength, adapting, as she needs to.  And just like a Mocha – she does not see life as it is, life doesn’t have to fit into a box.


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DC Coffee Co Fourways


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 Design & Decor Centre,

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